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Wiggly Giggler Rattle


Provides multiple sensory feedback (sound , touch, balance/weight.)Promotes gross motor skill developement.Highly responsive. Sliding reed creates sound. …..PURE FUN.Approx 9 cm. Easy hand held for baby to shake.

Approx 9 cm long

Indigenous Languages Map Puzzle


Made in a large format for improved viewing this Indigenous Languages Map Puzzle is a must for all childcare services. 12 pc
Size 42 x 430 cm
Made in Australia

Aboriginal Coolamon


These are crafted by Clem Christian an Aboriginal elder residing in Wiradjuri country Narrandera Riverina district NSW.

A Coolamon is an Indigenous Australian carrying vessel. It is a multi-purpose shallow vessel, or dish with curved sides. Coolamons were traditionally used by Aboriginal women to carry water, fruits, nuts, as well as to cradle babies as depicted in this Coolamon. Today when women gather bush tucker, they usually use a billy can, bucket or flour tin. Coolamons were carried on the head when travelling any distance, or under the arm if used as a cradle. If carried on the head, a ring pad was placed on the head, made out of possum and/or human hair string, twisted grass, or feathers. This helped to cushion and support the carriage of the Coolamon. They were also used in ceremonies, such as for aromatic smoking, which was believed to have purifying effects. They were rubbed regularly with fat, such as emu fat to keep the wood in good condition.
They range from approximately 24-29cm L 6-9cm W 3-5 cm H
Made in Australia

Dot Painted Rainstick


Dot Painted Rainstick. Rainsticks are not an Aboriginal Instrument! These are Painted using the Aboriginal style of painting. Colours vary from the picture.

Made in Indonesia

Size 40 cm L

Aboriginal Boy Dolls Clothes


The fabric design in these clothes vary !

to fit doll size 40 cm

Aboriginal Flag Design Bean Bags


Made by Leave it to Leslie. I have permission to reproduce the Aboriginal flag design.

These bean bags are fully washable. They are filled with plastic pellets and will not expand when washed.

Size is 15 x 9 cm

Five Cheeky Monkeys Glove Puppet Set


Set includes 1 Alligator glove and 1 glove with 5 detachable monkeys on it.

Ages 2 +

Tiddalick Glove Puppet Set


set includes 1 Frog glove puppet and 5 finger puppets.

Ages 2 +

Kool Face Puffer ball


Kool Face is soft and squishy and has emotions displayed on his face.

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