Felt “Feelings” Ball set of Five

A new and exciting design; our pack of 5 felt “Feelings” balls. Exploring thoughts, emotions and feelings in a fun and interactive way, allowing children to communicate with the use of these tactile balls.

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How to talk about “What are feelings and emotions?” with children;
Everybody has feelings – they are part of us. We feel different things all day long as different things happen to us.
Sometimes we feel sad – eg. when someone we love goes away.
Sometimes we feel happy – eg. when we are having fun playing.
Sometimes we feel scared, angry, confused, lonely, surprised or any of a huge range of human emotions.
It is important not to be ashamed of having feelings. Everyone has them – good and bad.
What counts is what we do about our feelings – we can all learn to show our feelings in ways that are helpful to us and to others, not ways that are hurtful.

Which words do you think go with each emoji ball face?

happy | angry | confused | sad | nervous| greedy | lazy | thoughtful | embarrassed | worried | bored | sick | angry | cheeky

Look at the list of words that describe feelings.

Discuss what sort of emotions are felt in different situations.


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