How the Kangaroos got their Tails book

This book is based on a story told by George Mung Mung Lirrmiyarri, of the Kija people, to Aboriginal people living in Warmun (Turkey Creek), Western Australia. The illustrations are adapted from their original paintings of the story.

Hector Jandany and George Dingmarie of the Kija Language Group said, ‘We have to keep this language which we got from our old people who have passed away. We don’t want to lose it. The younger generation have to carry on the language that they learn from us.’

How did the kangaroos get their tails?
The smaller kangaroo managed to pull out more honey and ate all the honey in the hole. This infuriated the large kangaroo, and he grabbed a stick in an attempt to fight. The smaller kangaroo did the same. The two threw the sticks at each other’s bottoms, lodging what would later become their tails.

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