Message Stick Raw Wood

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A message stick is a form of communication traditionally used by Indigenous Australians. … Traditionally, message sticks were passed between different clans and language groups to establish information and transmit messages. They were often used to invite neighbouring groups to corroborees, set-fights and ball games. Shape, wood varieties and colours vary.
Sizes range from 20-30 cm L & 5-6 cm W
Made in Australia by Aboriginal people.

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Message from Queensland Dept of Education on 27/7/2022. Message sticks are being distributed to Schools across Queensland who are participating in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aspirations Program.

Students in teams of 3-4 across 21 schools have started their research, this week, into message sticks and cyber security. Students will have several weeks to crack various cyber codes to gain access to additional areas of a purpose-built webpage, all the while interacting with information about how message sticks were used across Australia. Students will then have the opportunity to encode their own message on their message sticks – ensuring their identities are also incorporated for authentication; as was the traditional practice. I’ve attached a fact sheet that contains the learnings/takeaways students will receive with regard to message sticks – just for your reference. I recall you having a keen interest in learning more about the products you sell. I cannot wait to see what the students come up with!


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