Pocket Microscope

The pocket microscope is a useful toy for any curious child. It features a 20 to 40 times zoom lever, which allows you to magnify the specimen and examine it in detail. An additional fine-tuning focusing wheel helps in improving focus to help you see the magnified specimen. It is approximately 8cm high and is ideal for use as a benchtop microscope. Inside the box, you will find the microscope along with the examination base, two blank slides and an instruction leaflet. This microscope supports LED illumination, which requires a button cell battery (included in the microscope). To examine a specimen, place it between the two blank slides and place the slides on the base. Stand microscope on base and use one eye to look at specimen from the eyepiece at the top. With the help of the zoom lever, you can change the magnification level and use the focus wheel to look at a clear picture. Recommended for children over 8 years of age.

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