Singing Bowl

Struck and singing bowls are widely used for music making, meditation and relaxation, as well for personal spirituality. They have become popular with music therapists, sound healers and yoga practitioners. … The manufacture and use of bowls specifically for ‘singing’ is believed to be a modern phenomenon. Their origins can be found in Northern India and Tibet, but they continue to remain a mystery because very little has been discovered about how they were actually created and who began using them in spiritual practices.

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Surprisingly, singing bowls are not just limited to meditation but are used for a number of purposes: music therapy, yoga, sound healing, religious services, performances, and even for personal enjoyment. By striking the rim with a padded mallet, the ‘standing bell’ (as it’s known) creates a sound that has three harmonics- the first is called the ‘fundamental frequency’ while the other two are termed as the second and third harmonic.
One can also derive a continuous ‘singing’ sound by rubbing the rim with plastic, wooden, or leather wrapped mallet. The harmonies produced by these bowls, whether antique or new, are so unique and powerful that they have been used all over the world for countless generations.


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