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Zoomer Medium


Made from cotton fabric has mirrors and tassles attached. I have a FEW DIFFERENT COLOURS in stock.

Size 29 Dia  x 75 cm approx

Zoomer Large


Hang these zoomers anywhere! they make a great show with their tassles and mirrors. Size 35 x 75 cm approx . Only 1 x Lime left in stock.

Zimbbos Fantastic Pyramids


Who will build the most fantastic pyramid of Elephants? Taking turns to throw the die to find out how many elephants you have to add to the pyramid. The player who puts the last elephant on the pyramid wins the game. But watch out! if the pyramid crashes, you lose!

This a fun building game that will help your child develop hand-eye coordination while inspiring their creativity.  AGES 3+

Zimbabwe Peg Drum


Wonderful sound from these peg drums from Zimbabwe! ( the wooden drum is from Zimbabwe) the hide top is Goat skin from Wangaratta Vic.

sizes are roughly the same, between 60-70 cm high and 26-30 cm in dia

Made in Zimbabwe and Australia

Zills for Belly Dancing


Set of 4 zills used for Belly dance

Size 4 cm Dia

Made in India

Zebra Finger Puppet


Puppets are a great way to hold the interest of all children. Make these beautiful finger puppets an addition to your child care resources.

You and Me Murrawee Book and CD


We walk this same brown earth- You and me, Murrawee

In this lyrical, beautifully observed picture book, we see through the eyes of a young girl camping on the river with her family, life as it would have been two hundred years ago.

Murrawee is friend and guide as we experience the rythms of one day and become strikingly aware of what can be gained, simply by listening and sharing.

Book & CD

Written by….Kerri Hashmi. Illustrated by…….Felicity Marshall

Yoga Cards for Children


Yoga is one form of practice which includes breath control and specific body postures (asanas), that provides a range of physical, spiritual and mental relaxation. It teaches children to be calm, while gaining awareness of the bodies, self control and discipline. Like adults, children have to deal with their own stress in life. Moving house, starting a new school, preparing for a new sibling – these are all stressful events that affect children. Children need a way to manage stress and anxiety and one form of practice is teaching children yoga.

Yin Yang Table Cover


This Yin Yang Table cover will fit standard 120 x 60 cm child care tables, there will be a 15 cm drop on all sides.
Made by Leave it to Leslie

Yellow Jacket Hand Puppet


Bright as a yellow flower this busy yellow jacket will buzz into your life!

A great addition to your childcare resources.

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