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Babushka Doll 8Pc


Great wooden stacking Babushka dolls.8 Pc  COMES IN MANY COLOURS AND DESIGN MAY VARY
size 27 cm H

Dark Dolls House Dolls Set of 4


Dad, Mum, boy and girl that are wooden bendable dolls that will sit or stand for play in your doll house.

10-12 cm H

Platypus Puzzle



Puzzles allow children to learn that a whole is made of parts, they help to
develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
Builds visual-perceptual skills
Develops attention, concentration and thinking skills such as recognizing, remembering, matching, sorting and problem solving.
Assists language skills as the child listens and follows instructions and talks about what they are doing


Felt Penguin


Great felt penguin to add to your fairyland


Yak Bell


Yak Bell


Enhance you service or home with these beautiful mobiles/bells. Hang the bells in trees or off your eves, the wind will give you a musical chorus!

43 cm L including ribbon

String of Flower Elephant Ball Mobile


Very ornate colourful string of 2 Elephants, 2 ornate balls and 5 flowers


Wall Plaque 2 Asian Ladies


This plaque depicts two Asian Ladies. Great for Multiculturalism

Sari Lantern


These Sari lanterns come in a wonderful assortment of colours.  1 x Chocolate brown, 1 x dark Brown and 1 x Maroon in stock.


Size 25 x 50 cm approx

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