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  1. Natalie Christofidellis

    I was just wanting to enquire abut whether there is someone within your company who can come out to show us a range of resources you have. We are looking at purchasing 4 weighted toys for our preschool, the children are currently voting on their preferences; as well as a variety of sensory toys. I am also interested in purchasing some of your felt fairies and dragons.

    Our preschool name is Uniting West Bexley Preschool and we are based in bexley.

  2. Camila

    Hi, do you delivery in Brazil? My doughter will love the doll

  3. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Camilla, Yes I will ship to Brazil. My website only allows Australian address to be submitted so if want one order it over the website and put in my address for delivery then email me your address and I will post it to you. The postage is expensive and will cost you about $30 AUD. My address is 13 Castle Street, Blacktown. NSW 2148.
    Regards Leslie

  4. Thais Oliveira

    Hi! I´d like to buy some dolls with down syndrom. I´m from Brazil and a lot of mothers would like to buy them. How can we buy in group and ask you to delivery to Brazil?

  5. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Thais, Thank you for your inquiry, No problem! Compile a list of what dolls you want and email it to me with your address in Brazil. Once they are packed and ready to send I will email you what the cost will be with freight. You may pay by credit card via email. After you pay I will ship them to you. Freight will be cheaper if you order all the dolls at the one time! Much cheaper than sending 1 at a time. Regards Leslie

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