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  1. Cathy MacMaster

    We are an Early Childhood School in the ACT. We would like to purchase some resources for our School and wondered if we could set up an account or could we send a purchase order and then pay by EFT?

  2. karina murça martines simões

    we are in Brasil and we would like to buy a down doll, a boy, but unfurtunatelly , we don’t have credit card, is there another way to pay it?

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello Karina,
      Yes you can do a direct debit into my bank account. Just order over my website and when you reach payment tick childcare centre with no credit card details. I will process the order and add the freight to it and I will email you a tax invoice. Then I will email you my bank details. Once the payment is in my bank I will send you your doll. Regards Leslie

  3. Felicity Grinter

    You have an Aboriginal Coolamon for sale for $45.00 in your shop. Could you advise the measurements of this item. Is there postage on top of this price of $45.00. You state that it is made totally by Aboriginal people, is this correct? Where in Australia has it been made.

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello Felicity, They are crafted by Aboriginal elder Clem Christian.
      New South Wales Wiradjuri Narrandera Riverina. Regards Leslie

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