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  1. Natalie Christofidellis

    I was just wanting to enquire abut whether there is someone within your company who can come out to show us a range of resources you have. We are looking at purchasing 4 weighted toys for our preschool, the children are currently voting on their preferences; as well as a variety of sensory toys. I am also interested in purchasing some of your felt fairies and dragons.

    Our preschool name is Uniting West Bexley Preschool and we are based in bexley.

  2. Camila

    Hi, do you delivery in Brazil? My doughter will love the doll

  3. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Camilla, Yes I will ship to Brazil. My website only allows Australian address to be submitted so if want one order it over the website and put in my address for delivery then email me your address and I will post it to you. The postage is expensive and will cost you about $30 AUD. My address is 13 Castle Street, Blacktown. NSW 2148.
    Regards Leslie

  4. Thais Oliveira

    Hi! I´d like to buy some dolls with down syndrom. I´m from Brazil and a lot of mothers would like to buy them. How can we buy in group and ask you to delivery to Brazil?

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello Thais, My website will now accept orders from you in Brazil.Please understand that freight to Brazil is expensive so it will be good if you can do orders for more than 1 doll.
      Regards Leslie

  5. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Thais, Thank you for your inquiry, No problem! Compile a list of what dolls you want and email it to me with your address in Brazil. Once they are packed and ready to send I will email you what the cost will be with freight. You may pay by credit card via email. After you pay I will ship them to you. Freight will be cheaper if you order all the dolls at the one time! Much cheaper than sending 1 at a time. Regards Leslie

  6. Vera Lucia Franco Figueiredo

    Hello there!
    I am from Brazil and I have a daughter (9 yo) who has Down Syndrome. I would like to know if you ship to São Paulo, Brazil and if you could give an idea of the shippment costs.
    Thanks a bunch! Vera

  7. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Vera, Thank you for your inquiry! Yes I do ship to Sao Paulo Brazil. My website will except orders from you! The cost will be approximately $33.00 Australian dollars. The shipping costs would be cheaper if you know of anyone else that would like a doll and you could buy together. My pleasure to help you Regards Leslie

  8. Francielle Martins

    Good Morning!
    I would like to buy a doll down syndrome, but I live in Brazil. Is there any possibility of this purchase materializing, and you dispatch? I’m going to the US next month, is there any store there, where can I find this doll? If yes, where?

  9. Leslie Mariani

    Good morning Francielle,
    You may purchase the doll over my website, it is world wide.
    Regards Leslie

  10. Jane Severiana

    down syndrome doll Quick ViewADD TO BASKET
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    Brunette Girl Down Syndrome Doll
    Hello! I have a 2 year old daughter and I would like to buy this doll for her.
    I live in Brazil, how do I do it?
    I loved this doll !!
    Jane Severiana

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello Jane,
      You may purchase this doll from my website! I ship to Brazil. Regards Leslie

  11. Suzane Tavares

    Hi Leslie!! I would like to know if you accept orders from Lima, Peru. I want to buy 2 Down Syndrome dolls. Would that be very expensive? Do you sell these dolls in Canada or USA?
    Regards, Suzane

  12. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Suzane,
    I do accept orders from Peru. Freight for 2 dolls will be About $44 AUD Total will be $242.00AUD. I don’t have a shop in Canada or USA but I will deliver there.
    Regards Leslie

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello again Suzane,
      I have priced freight of 2 Kg (2 dolls) to Peru and it is $82.00AUD. Regards Leslie

  13. Karen shaw

    Good evening
    I am looking to purchase 32 cork boards for hammer and nails tap tap sets, I work at a school and all boards have been broken and need to be replaced , can you please advise if you can assist and the cost of 32 boards

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Good morning Karen,
      Yes I can ship you 32 boards they come as a set of 4 for $23 per set ! Also as you are buying so many I can offer you a 5% discount.
      Regards Leslie


    Do you send to Brazil? What is the freight rate?

    1. Leslie Mariani

      Hello Fabiane,
      Yes I do Freight for a doll will be $30 AU
      Regards Leslie

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