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  1. Diane Petraccoro

    Hi I’d love to purchase your product Lanky Cat Iggie however I live in the USA.
    I’m willing to pay for higher postal rate for this cat, please let me know if it’s possible to purchase him. I’m very hopeful

  2. Leslie Mariani

    Hello Dianne,
    Yes I have him and will send him to you! Because my website does not except USA address just put mine in…. it is 13 Castle St Blacktown NSW 2148. Use your own name. Put in your credit card details (my site is totally secure) Email me your address so I can send him to you.
    Regards Leslie

  3. Sharn Billington

    Hi, I’m wanting to purchase ‘my first daily planner’
    I live in NZ and am hoping you might be able to post pretty please.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Leslie Mariani

      No problems! Just order over the web!

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