Here at Leave it to Leslie, you will find a massive range of multicultural products that have been carefully selected to ensure quality. While we are based in Sydney, you can easily purchase woven baskets that have been made around the globe as well as a range of bags, shoes and mats. Available in great colours and designs, all can be purchased easily online. No matter what you are looking for, something practical or an item for decoration, you will find it here at a great price.

Baskets, hats and fans are made from elephant grass which grows surrounding water holes in the Sahel region of West Africa. The strong slender leaves are harvested seasonally by the Fra Fra people of Northern Ghana. A time honoured process of soaking and stretching is then applied to produce a fine, supple and extra-long wearing fibre. Many practical items are then hand-woven from this material, often dyed in vibrant tribal patterns. All may be soaked in water and re-shaped as desired.