Frilled Neck Lizard Finger Puppet

Fantastic lifelike frilled neck lizard. What are the benefits of puppet use in the classroom?
In the early childhood/preschool classroom:
• Puppets are a good tool to get young children’s attention.
• Puppets help students act out everyday scenarios.
• Puppets, especially finger puppets, allow little ones to transform into anything they want.
• Puppets are a good visual representation to use when singing, dancing, or storytelling.

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Puppets allow children to engage in imaginative play that differs from dolls and other figures. Children have the opportunity to bring puppets to life in a unique way. While using puppets, children are able to project their own emotions onto the puppet. Research suggests that children view puppets more like a peer than an adult, so their interactions with puppets match that feeling. This makes children more likely to explain their ideas and answers to a puppet than to the adult operating the puppet. Just as children are more likely to listen to or talk to a peer, that same feeling applies to puppets.
Research shows that using puppets in education has many benefits especially with language skills. Children can practice their oral speaking skills by telling a story to a puppet or explaining words or expressions. If the puppet is “confused” and doesn’t understand something, the child can explain and show the puppet what he has learned.


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