Tube Kaleidoscope 22 CM

There are 4 varieties in the covers of these kaleidoscopes. The inside pattern is the same in all varieties. 22 cm L

The body of the kaleidoscope has two main parts, the viewing tube (with an eyepiece at one end) and the object box or case at the opposite end of the tube. The object box is a thin, flat box made of two glass disks and a band circling the edges and holding the disks and the objects enclosed. Those objects are fragments of colored glass, beads, tinsel, or other reflective materials.

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The kaleidoscope makes magic with light and mirrors. It may be considered a child’s toy (or a toy for all ages), but it is also a simple optical device with technical applications for designers and pattern-makers. Greek words are the source of the name; it comes from kalos, eidos, and skopios meaning beautiful, form, and view, respectively


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